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Martin Hedley - Aug 14, 2014 5:00:25 PM
I am looking for a new project management software for a business partner to use, I need one where multiple people can be viewing the project management at the same time and can change and edit it aswell.

Gantt 2.5 doesn't seem to allow this, is this correct? I would have to send the file  ... 
Patrick Pezzutto - Aug 11, 2014 6:01:47 PM
Is it possible to have a calendar view of the chart? Thanks
Boyke Sibarani - Aug 11, 2014 9:05:48 AM
I recently installed and used GP 2.6.6 Brno.
But once I started working on a project I realize a difference of days calculation.
When I set a working days of 207 days starting from 8 June 2014, it ended in 7 of Jan 2015. But if you use excel, it should be ended 1st of January 2015.  ... 
Martin Hedley - Aug 9, 2014 4:34:52 PM
Hi, I have recently installed Gantt 2.5 and am getting accustomed to it.

I have one issue, I want to have projects that have subsidiaries within then, for example " House Purchase " being the over riding project but " survey " being part of that. I want the total project to last from 1.  ... 
Dmitry Barashev - Aug 7, 2014 1:09:23 PM
thsi came by email
Dear GanttProject team,

I like using your programme and I do appreciate all your work.
Thank you very much.

If you feel like listening to some hints of improvements, here is one from me – each time I set some colours for different parts of project etc.  ... 
Giovanny Cifuentes - Jul 28, 2014 6:48:55 PM

I appreciate the sharing of program manual via mail giovanny.cifuentesgmail.com.

Dario Fanoni - Jul 28, 2014 10:26:31 AM
I saw many discussions around export issues, but I didn't find the resolution of my problem.
I'm using GanttProject with Win 8.1 and I can't export my Gantt chart in any proposed format. Evrytime I receive an error message, similar to what described below, which is referred to a pdf export tentative.  ... 
Dmitry Barashev - Jul 23, 2014 5:18:33 PM
from email
hello, good afternoon.
as the gantt project is developed in Java and uses no database, I'll be right in stating that the project has gantt functionality as the interaction of reading and generating xml and html files.
I searched several sites over found nothing related to this doubt.  ... 
Dmitry Barashev - Jul 23, 2014 9:27:13 AM
from email
Dmitry Barashev - Jul 21, 2014 10:55:04 PM
this came by email
Dear ganttproject team Actualy I'm working with your application but, let me make some ideas that could help with gantt project, hopping be usfull for you. As you know by now every information is portable, so is it possible to have ganttproject for tablet or smartphone?  ... 
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