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Gabriel Fassani - Jul 29, 2015 12:58:29 AM
Hello, i'm running a project, and i need some information to complete the software requirements of the project, the minimum Operative System that i can use is windows 2000, so the question is: ¿Which of the old versions of ganttproyect is compatible with windows 2000? , sorry if mi english is bad D:  ... 
Danielle Brabant - Jul 27, 2015 3:44:58 AM

(French follows.)

I created a project, everything was fine, but now, I can't open it anymore.

1) I thought it was because I had moved the file. I put it back at the original place, but i still can't open it. 2) I trow away the program and install it a second time.  ... 
S. S. - Jul 20, 2015 9:25:46 AM

I run the most recent version, but I have problems creating new ressource roles. I read the answer here:

https://forum.ganttproject.biz/view/20150717164732_40d2ylxhouvz5vqa8ogv2vth0#1  ... 
Thierry Pace - Jul 17, 2015 7:44:55 PM
Hi all,

On one hand, I need to manage several projects and on the other I need to consolidate all projects in 1 view to manage the ressources ans the total workload.

Does anyone have a solution ?

I thank your help in advance
Dmitry Barashev - Jul 17, 2015 4:47:32 PM
from email


in version 2.7 is impossible to add or edit "Resource roles".

I was able to do it in version 2.0.10 via menu "Edit" -> "Settings" -> "Resource role" but it version 2.7 I can not.

Do you have any advice ?
Dmitry Barashev - Jul 17, 2015 12:40:20 AM
Release Candidate build of GanttProject 2.7.1 is available for downloading as ZIP archive: http://www.ganttproject.biz/dl/2.7.1-RCI/any

The list of fixed bugs is available on our pages on GitHub: https://github.com/bardsoftware/ganttproject/milestones/2.7.1
John Young - Jul 12, 2015 8:00:27 AM


i am new to project management software and i was wondering if someone could explain how to get tasks flagged as past their due date please?

Istvan HUNYADI - Jul 8, 2015 11:03:44 AM
I cannot open an Microsoft Project. I have following error :
Octet 2 from UTF-8 to octet 2 not valid.

trace file contains :

GanttProject 2.7 Ostrava (build 1891)
Settings file:
location: C:\Users\FRUP66632\.ganttproject  ... 
Liz Whalley - Jul 7, 2015 4:11:02 PM

Report format issues

I am trying to use GanttProject to communicate a timeline with my colleagues, but they do not wish to download the program themselves.  ... 
Rodney Berry - Jul 6, 2015 2:50:58 AM

Windows 7 GanttProject will not start

Dear all, I have searched through the forum but not found a solution that works yet.

I installed GP over a fresh install of jre1.8.0_45 using the windows installer.  ... 
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