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Peter Wheal - Wed Feb 01 11:12:31 UTC 2017 Wed Feb 01 11:12:31 UTC 2017
Having drawn up my project I'd like to publish it on a website. Is this possible and what is the process please?
Zhengming Zhao - Wed Feb 01 05:41:23 UTC 2017 Wed Feb 01 05:41:23 UTC 2017
Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie, I just love this tool and its amazing, I downloaded the sourcecode but the eclipse shown tons of errors.
I wonder if there are any updated instructions, the one I found is very old.
Peter Wheal - Tue Jan 31 16:48:37 UTC 2017 Tue Jan 31 16:48:37 UTC 2017
I'd like to start a project plan without putting in dates. I just want to enter task durations and dependencies and then see what the critical path is. I was alsways taught to do projects this way - logic first - planning later. I can't get my version to work unless iI put in a start date.  ... 
Peter Wheal - Tue Jan 31 15:59:18 UTC 2017 Tue Jan 31 15:59:18 UTC 2017
How can I check which version of GanttProject I have?
Rick Stockton - Mon Jan 30 20:42:04 UTC 2017 Mon Jan 30 20:42:04 UTC 2017
How to create a default resource, which os assigned automatically to each new task?
Rick Stockton - Mon Jan 30 20:40:14 UTC 2017 Mon Jan 30 20:40:14 UTC 2017
How to assign resource to multiple tasks in one command set?
Parker Miller - Thu Jan 26 15:02:11 UTC 2017 Thu Jan 26 15:02:11 UTC 2017
Is it possible to assign one resource to multiple projects?
Santiago Echavarria Puerta - Thu Jan 19 19:07:37 UTC 2017 Thu Jan 19 19:07:37 UTC 2017
Hi! We've got an issue with GanttProject, when we import any .csv file it doesn't get the delays but it does get the predecessors and the link type, changing the project's length. Is there any way to avoid this issue?
Thanks in advance!
Dmitry Barashev - Fri Jan 06 22:15:23 UTC 2017 Fri Jan 06 22:15:23 UTC 2017
from email
I wanted to check, if gantt project has any feature, in which it can give alerts 1-2 days in advance to all the resources to whom the work is assigned, prompting them to complete it by the due date.
Tamás Almasi - Thu Jan 05 09:57:47 UTC 2017 Thu Jan 05 09:57:47 UTC 2017
I've been running GP under win 7 successfully. Now I have win10 and Java updated for 1.08.111 and it does not open the program window. I mean the program looks running, but I am unable to enlarge the small desk icon clicking on the bottom line to view the chart.  ... 
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