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Mumtaz Ahmad - Sun Sep 24 05:18:56 UTC 2017 Sun Sep 24 05:18:56 UTC 2017
with eclipsito.jar created in dist-bin folder, gantproject.exe does not launch. I have to copy it from the installed version to get i
Mumtaz Ahmad - Sun Sep 24 04:40:59 UTC 2017 Sun Sep 24 04:40:59 UTC 2017
I want to add some new columns by default when project is launched. For that i have added a new column in TaskDefaultColumn.java but seems like there are some more changes required to accomplish this. Is there any developer on this forum who can guide me how to do it?
Mumtaz Ahmad - Sun Sep 24 04:38:02 UTC 2017 Sun Sep 24 04:38:02 UTC 2017
Add some new columns
Brock Lesnar - Tue Aug 29 08:39:48 UTC 2017 Tue Aug 29 08:39:48 UTC 2017
Yes, you can personalize the setting in your Yahoo account in a simple way. If you are a user of Yahoo email account, then you have a compete authority for personalizing your account. You just need to open your account on your computer system and go to the Settings options and via this you can change  ... 
Al Rone - Thu Aug 10 10:22:40 UTC 2017 Thu Aug 10 10:22:40 UTC 2017
Finish no Later Than vs. Deadline

Which of these tools should I rather use?

Scenario: My activity  ... 
J├╝rgen Sven Fuchs - Thu Jul 13 11:54:42 UTC 2017 Thu Jul 13 11:54:42 UTC 2017
Question on problems like "#79"

See this image, please:
Top right there's the red "#79" marker, cuased by a milestone.  ... 
arlin blood - Wed Mar 29 16:42:02 UTC 2017 Wed Mar 29 16:42:02 UTC 2017
I have a project that will repeat several times each year with the same tasks. Is it possible to use a template project where I can just input a start date and it will automatically shift all the tasks to dates relative to that start date?
Tomaz Dobravec - Mon Mar 27 20:01:30 UTC 2017 Mon Mar 27 20:01:30 UTC 2017
Hi everyone,

I am using GanttProject for a long time and I found it a very good project. It helped me a lot. I made some extensions and everything went well. Until the first time I tried to import the whole project in an Eclipse newer than Kepler.  ... 
Dmitry Barashev - Sun Mar 19 20:11:55 UTC 2017 Sun Mar 19 20:11:55 UTC 2017
from email

Hi there
created a woderfull project, but have difficulties to print it in the
way I want
how do I change the page set up?
thanks for a feedback
Myriam Labrecque - Wed Mar 15 00:20:40 UTC 2017 Wed Mar 15 00:20:40 UTC 2017
I am using GanttProject and I would like to put the checkpoints into a red vertical bar across the diagram instead of having those little points. Is it possible and how can I do that?
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