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Daryle Tilroe - Mon Apr 07 21:33:14 UTC 2008 Mon Apr 07 21:33:14 UTC 2008

Old Start Date > End Date Bug

I am just starting to eval GanttProject and ran right into this bug. After a little research it appears that it:


was reported and closed over two years ago without actually being fixed. I guess I'm curious as to why?
I realize you can edit the task to fix it but the interface should really not allow you to do this.
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Anonymous - Mon Apr 07 22:45:00 UTC 2008 Mon Apr 07 22:45:00 UTC 2008

RE: Old Start Date > End Date Bug

I don't think that it is a bug, in the current state of GanttProject. You can move a task using task properties dialog or a table pane. If you have a 3-button mouse then you can move a task on the chart (all these is written in the comments to the bug report you reference to). You can change a task's start date (not changing its end date) on the gantt chart. I understand that this behavior is inconsistent, but if it was impossible to just move a start date forward keeping end date intact then someone else would ask us "why?". We will be working on making UI more consistent (and in particular, on better ways of moving tasks on the chart).
Daryle Tilroe - Tue Apr 08 15:41:48 UTC 2008 Tue Apr 08 15:41:48 UTC 2008

RE: Old Start Date > End Date Bug

The bug isn't really that the start date moves without changing the end date. That's "a good thing". The bug is that you can move the start date past the end date and the task disappears from the chart. You cannot move the end date before the start date so some sanity checking code works there. The bug is that they should behave in the same, "proper", way. I apologize that I confused the issue since this isn't really the same complaint as the bug I referenced but it is the same problem. Basically moving the start date should be bounded the same way moving the end date is. BTW the middle mouse button move of the entire task works great.

PS. I should probably start a new thread but there are some oddities with the name field in the left hand task table not getting updated all the time after you edit it and change focus. Seems to happen on new task creation as well as editing an existing one.
Anonymous - Tue Apr 08 16:32:34 UTC 2008 Tue Apr 08 16:32:34 UTC 2008

RE: Old Start Date > End Date Bug

Thanks for the explanation. So this bug report is relevant:

Problems with the task name are addressed here: