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George Corrigan - Fri Sep 14 19:00:45 UTC 2012 Fri Sep 14 19:00:45 UTC 2012
Odd behavior with Milestones

Using the new Borneo III beta - its hard to change the milestone dates in properties. No matter what you select (start or end date) the date choice doesn't stick.

The workaround is to change it from a milestone task to a regular task, then change the date, then change it back. But of course this isn't ideal.

What would be ideal (not sure if its possible) would be to have the ability to drag the milestone back and forth and have the date move. For example just as you can drag the right side of any gantt bar and make it longer and shorter - it would be wonderful to be able to drag say the kick off milestone back and forth which then would trigger all of the dependent tasks to move forwards and backwards. Maybe a Shift Click would make the Milestone moveable with dragging?

Thanks again for making the best project tool out there.
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Dmitry Barashev - Fri Sep 14 19:08:33 UTC 2012 Fri Sep 14 19:08:33 UTC 2012
Thanks for reporting this bug about milestone dates in the properties dialog.

You can drag any task, milestones included, using mouse, by holding Ctrl key.
George Corrigan - Fri Sep 14 22:06:27 UTC 2012 Fri Sep 14 22:06:27 UTC 2012
Wow, thats a great tip. I've been using this for years and never figured it out....I guess I'm one of those guys who is always told to RTFM. Thanks for this - really super.
Dmitry Barashev - Fri Sep 14 22:11:22 UTC 2012 Fri Sep 14 22:11:22 UTC 2012
Well, there is no FM, and no other indication in GanttProject that such combination exists. So it is definitely not your fault :)

You may want to subscribe to the dev blog where I write sometimes about non-obvious things like keyboard shortcuts: http://ganttproject.blogspot.com/2012/03/ganttproject-hacks-keyboard-shortcuts.html