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Dmitry Barashev - Tue Nov 19 10:42:10 UTC 2013 Tue Nov 19 10:42:10 UTC 2013
this came by email

I have two questions regarding Gantt Project. On the following printscreen, could you please explain

1. « Priorités » and what does it exactly do on tasks with all degrees of high or low priorities ?

2. « Afficher dans la planification ». Where does it appear and what is the purpose ?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards.
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Dmitry Barashev - Tue Nov 19 10:43:35 UTC 2013 Tue Nov 19 10:43:35 UTC 2013
Translation for those who don't speak French: the question is about Priority and Show in timeline fields in the task properties dialog
Dmitry Barashev - Tue Nov 19 10:49:00 UTC 2013 Tue Nov 19 10:49:00 UTC 2013
So, Priority means task priority as you, the user, understands it. For GanttProject it carries no special semantics.

Show in timeline, when checked, shows the task name in the timeline (bar with calendar above the chart, to be clear). Try to check it and see what happens. Something like this: ganttproject.blogspot.com/2012/06/zero-duration-milestones-and-labels-in.html