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Chris Yerkes - Fri Feb 10 15:47:47 UTC 2017 Fri Feb 10 15:47:47 UTC 2017
Column attributes grayed out always. On both my Linux and Windows machines the column attributes section remains grayed out on both resources and tasks no matter what I do. They are that way for both the default columns and activated ones. What's up and how to fix?
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Dmitry Barashev - Fri Feb 10 20:54:17 UTC 2017 Fri Feb 10 20:54:17 UTC 2017
Sorry, can you explain what do you mean when you say "grayed out" and/or share a screenshot?
Chris Yerkes - Fri Feb 10 22:55:07 UTC 2017 Fri Feb 10 22:55:07 UTC 2017
It is not possible to change the column type or access the name or default value fields. That whole area in the manage columns custom field manager is 'gray' and will not allow any changes. It happens on both the resource and task column manager in both windows 10 and linux mint on different machines.
Dmitry Barashev - Sat Feb 11 22:51:44 UTC 2017 Sat Feb 11 22:51:44 UTC 2017
Thanks for the details. Grayed column name in Custom Field Manager Dialog means that column is not shown in the table. If you want to make column visible, select it in the list and click "Show Selected".

You can edit properties of a custom column, no matter if it is shown or not. You can't edit properties of the default columns, and they remain disabled if you select one of the default columns in the list.