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Tabitha Stapely - Mon Feb 13 19:22:43 UTC 2017 Mon Feb 13 19:22:43 UTC 2017

Collaboration on Shared Google Drive

My colleague is not office based and needs to be able to manage the Gantt project file remotely. How can they do this?

I have checked previous forum threads and understand that files can be shared online. This means they can view the files. But how can they edit files? Do they need to download Gantt software onto their local computer and then download the file from Google, amend and re-upload?

Or is there a way of moving the software onto Google Drive so that it can be edited live? If so, how do I go about brining GanttProject onto the Shared Google Drive?

I realise this is more of a Google Drive support question than GanttProject. Sorry!

Thank you and kind regards,

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Dmitry Barashev - Tue Feb 14 17:40:04 UTC 2017 Tue Feb 14 17:40:04 UTC 2017
1. Google Drive can be mounted with the client app so that it appears and behaves like a local folder.
2. Google Drive folders can be shared. Normally shared folder appear in Google Drive's web UI in "Shared with me" pane.
3. It is not obvious, but it is possible to add a shared folder directly into "My Drive". You need to right click a folder in "Shared with me" and choose "Add to My Drive"
4. Once a shared folder is added to "My Drive", it shows up on the computers with Google Drive client app installed like a subfolder inside Google Drive folder.

Having done this, users can just open/write files in the shared folder the same way as they work with local files. If they do not work concurrently (only one person accesses shared file at a time) then it just works. If they do work concurrently (that is, two or more persons are editing the same file at the same moment) then GanttProject will warn if someone is going to overwrite changes made by someone else. For that purpose GanttProject just remembers the last modification timestamp when it opens a file and compares the remembered value when user attempts to write. If value is the same at the moment of writing then file has not been changed and write is safe. If it is different then file has been changed and GanttProject suggests creating a new file.

There is no built-in merge feature in GanttProject.

I tested this workflow with Google Drive, but I am pretty sure that other services which support local mounting and shared folders (e.g. Dropbox) will work similarly. The same applies to shared folders in the local network.