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Paul Smart - Mar 14, 2017 12:58:10 PM
I want to link task3 to have as predecessors both task1 and task2. That is task 3 has two predecessors. I can enter two predecesssors into task3's information but it does not form the second link and disappears from task3.
Any help would be useful
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Dmitry Barashev - Mar 14, 2017 4:46:51 PM
Just've tried and it does work fine.

There are three ways of adding dependency:
1. Choose predecessor task in the Predecessors pane of task properties dialog. If you want two predecessors, choose them in separate rows [and click Ok]
2. Type comma-separated predecessor ids in Predecessor column in the task table
3. Drag dependency from predecessor to successor on the chart using mouse holding left mouse button.

All three ways work as expected in my tests. If something doesn't work for you, please file a new ticket to the issue tracker, attach a sample project and provide reproducible scenario so that we could exactly reproduce the issue. You may want to look into the log (Help->View log) and report if there is anything suspicious.

For the problems of this sort a screencast/video is appreciated (sometimes users do very specific things which developer can't even think of).